Curtis King


Curtis King

Born: 20 February 2000
GosfordNew South Wales, Australia

Residence: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Occupation: Actor, Film-maker, Youtuber

Agent: SASS Management Australia

Net worth: $110.8

Curtis Jesse King born 20th February 2000 is a Australian Actor, Film-maker and is also known for his presence on YouTube after taking multiple acting courses within school and outside of school Curtis had gained enough confidence to show close family & friends what he was capable of doing. Curtis first found his passion after he landed a role in I'm Sorry the Bridge is Out, You'll Have to Spend the Night a play based on the 1995 film Monster Mash throughout the years of experience Curtis has gained many awards and is still trying his hardest to show the world what he creates. 


King was born in GosfordNew South WalesAustralia and later moved to BrisbaneQueenslandAustralia in 2003 with both his parents and his sister after his family wanted a change in their lifestyle. Curtis' mother works in Retail and his farther works as a automotive service advisor.

Growing up Curtis was shy and didn't take on such a large social media presence, but after changing multiple schools he had then gained a outgoing personality, and begun to post more on social media and grew his following.

Recently in November 2017 Curtis had successfully graduated High School and also has a job in Retail, he also is the owner of his own business "Kingsview Videography"[1]



The Acting career for Curtis first started in 2005 when he attended his first drama lesson in the small town of Lockyer Valleyqueensland he then later attended classes at the Queensland Theatre Company which developed his confidence as well as his skills. he studied the elements of drama and had gained knowledge in Musical theatre. Recently Curtis has been doing multiple auditions with the help of his acting agency SASS MGMT and also with a platform called StarNow [1] and has built more of an attraction towards his talent. His current net worth is approx. $105.7 this is from all his social profiles combined social net worth was calculated by Publicfast [2] Only brands are able to view his profile.

He's done a wide range of performances such as commedia dell'arte [3] & Comedy performances within the school.


Acting become Curtis's priority but he had then realised that he needed something else to do while he builds his reputation. He then turned to Filmmaking he started to upload short 2-5 minute videos on Facebook and YouTube, he realised that this could help him earn money to keep him stable. During his time at school he would make multiple videos for the school but most importantly his grade so he could capture the memories throughout his last year of education. His Graduation Video ended up being successful so he then created a business early 2018 named Kingsview Videography so he could showcase his talent and also gain money from doing what he loves, since then, Curtis hasn't publicly stated wether or not his business is going well or not.


Curtis had a YouTube account with over 1,500+ subscribers but due to copyright his account had been terminated in 2016, since then his subscribers had discovered Curtis on other social networks such as Instagram & Twitter and his following count has increased since then. To this day he rarely uses the platform to upload his content and focuses around instagram more.

He has made a new account CurtisJKing [4] since but hasn't posted on it recently he's most recent post was 8 months ago [5]


In 2014 when Vine was still used, Curtis had made a short 6 second comedy video of himself falling over while dancing to the popular song All About That Bass he then later received a notification alerting Curtis that the Breakthrough Artist of the YearMeghan Trainor had liked and shared Curtis's video. Later to discover that Curtis received a message from Meghan saying "I love u." followed by "Ur the sweetest" followed by "Ever" followed by "I love u. Thank you for being you." this inspired Curtis to make more content knowing that made her day.[2]


Curtis likes inspiring people and his made a few quotes such as:

  • "Completing your goals is like climbing a mountain, it's not that easy but you still fight to get to the very top."[3]

  • "You'll never reach your goals if you never try[4]

He also was inspired by Avicii especially his song The Nights, which inspired him to create the caption

  • "I can’t tell where the journey will end, but I know where to start🎶" [6]

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