Privacy Policy & Terms and Conditions.

What information do you collect?

Upon signing up as a member on our site you’ll be asked for general information about yourself such as, your name, email address & phone number, this information is kept within our site and not released publicly, however other members may view your profile and see your name. your contact info can only be accessed by the website host, this is so they can contact you about any potential bookings etc…

Why do you collect personal life information in pre-production?

Kingsview Videography collects more information about your personal life in preparation for the shooting date, this allows the videographer to plan for filming locations, interview questions and gives the videographer an insight on what type of video they are creating and will give them a brief storyline as well, Some text fields are mandatory and it’s expected of the applicant to answer, however if the applicant does not wish to include a specific story/detail they must address the videographer about this matter prior to submitting.


Becoming a trial client for Kingsview Videography can be a benefit and money saver. Here's some information we'd like you to know before applying.

COST - The price is subject to vary, however we love to keep a consistent price at all times, these cost cover fuel expenses and only 5% of work including filming and editing combined.

APPLICATION - Applying to become a trial client does not guarantee that you've got the gig! providing invalid contact information, misleading information will result in your application being terminated without notification.
 - Limited bookings also may be in place for trial services and you may or may not be notified about your outcome of the application.

SOCIAL MEDIA/ADVERTISING - Being a trial client means that you're helping Kingsview Videography in a service they are interested in providing permanently, your image/video may be used on social media for promotional/advertisement use. all trial clients must understand, acknowledge & sign a media release form to be deemed suitable. Kingsview Videography holds all rights to the videos created.